Penderyn Single Malt Whisky, the Madeira finish

now this is interesting, a friend of mine recommended this as his favourite whisky. I started to write this article, and then never finished it, I was going to write…

“I can kind of see why someone may like it, but again it’s not for me. Some may say it’s a complex mix of flavours, but to me it just seems like a combination of too many, flavours, rather than a nice blend where they complement each other. It’s quite fruity, maybe caramel, smooth. it’s kind of similar to the Auchentoshan, but I would say Penderyn is a bit nicer, and more “whiskyish”, so I’d recommend if over the Auchentoshan, especially if you fancy something a little bit different.”

however, after drinking a bit more, I’ve started to really enjoy it, nicer than the Auchentoshan, and better than Jura Elixir, which is rather bland and tasteless, at least in comparison to this.

so yes, I’d still agree with my first impression, that it’s a mix of fruit and caramel flavours, but I like the complexity now, and it’s got a certain “bite” to it, but I do wish it was a little smoother.

Penderyn Single Malt Whisky, the Madeira finish

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