Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple Liqueur


Wouldn’t be my normal choice of drink, but it was on special offer, it sounded interesting, I remember enjoying apple schnapps (Apfelkorn) in Germany many years ago, so decided to give this a go, even though I’m not a massive fan of normal JD.

It’s very nice! Quite sweet, sort of toffee apple, smooth, too easy to drink, and that’s neat! Usually I drink whisk(e)y neat, measure myself a double, and sip at it over an evening, and enjoy it, just the one. I was quite surprised the following morning when I realised how much of this I had drunk in one evening, it’s quite moreish, but on the plus side didn’t give me horrible hangover 🙂

There’s not much more to say really, it’s 35% and taste of apples, rather than JD, which in my book is good. I did try it with lemonade as well, which was fine, but a mixer in my opinion isn’t necessary and doesn’t add anything, just removes some of the pleasant green “appleness” of it! Perhaps it’s better with soda water or a premium tonic.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple Liqueur

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