Photos on a standalone DVD player

My parents aren’t computer literate, so it’s up to me to backup their photos they take with their digital camera. Mum wanted to view these photos on their DVD player, to see them on the TV.

So I burned some discs, using different software, on different PCs, I tried them on my DVD player, my blu ray player, my PS3, and various PCs. On the PCs, and PS3, the discs played fine, could view all the photos no problem. None of the DVD players would recognise the discs though, apart from one CD, I burned ages ago.
I copied the files off that CD to the PC, and burned a new CD. Didn’t work on the DVD player 😦 So, I was now thinking, maybe it’s the media, which seems unlikely as I’m currently using verbatim, before TDK, both what I’d call reputable brands.

A bit more googling showed some people saying you can’t have more then 400 photos on a disc, some 500, and others mentioned file system. UDF is the normal default, so I changed to ISO 9660 / Joliet (using cdburnerxp – Disc – change file system). this CD now plays in all dvd players. I tried a DVD-R as well, no joy, haven’t got any DVD+Rs to try, but at least an 80min CDR works.
Photos on a standalone DVD player

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