Buffalo Trace Vs. Wild Turkey

The Buffalo Trace was reduced this time round in the supermarket, again from £23 to £15, and gives an equal rival to Wild Turkey. It’s not the same, but is similar. Again it’s smooth, sweet, probably more pear to it with spice, but again no particularly overpowering taste, which is a good thing in my book. Buffalo Trace also a hint of honey, Wild Turkey more syrup perhaps? Neither are overly sweet, the spice gives the right balance.

Like Wild Turkey, it’s versatile, you can drink neat, on the rocks, do a shot, or with a mixer, it’s good however you take it 🙂

Also like Wild Turkey, I’d happily buy this again, or order in a bar, drink round a friend’s house etc.

I prefer Wild Turkey to Buffalo Trace. I’m not saying it’s better, just more to my liking, I certainly prefer both of these to Jack Daniel’s or Jim Beam. Gentleman Jack is a bit nicer in my opinion than either as it’s smoother, but not worth the extra cost.

Buffalo Trace Vs. Wild Turkey

Jameson Irish Whiskey

The last Irish Whiskey I tried was Bushmill’s, I wasn’t impressed, a friend had recommended it, as a sweeter alternative to Scotch Whisky, and it put me off.

At work today, we were talking about whisky and whiskey, and a colleague said he likes Jameson, which is available in most supermarkets, often on a special offer, but I had never tried it.

As it happens a 1/2 bottle is on special offer at the moment, for £10 in Sainsbury’s and Tesco, so I thought I’d give it a shot, as I’d rather buy a 1/2 bottle on a whim to try than a full bottle as that gives you plenty to experiment with 😃

I like this a lot more than Bushmill’s. I’m not sure I’ll buy it again, neat, it’s smooth, and sweet, and has no distinguishing flavours as such, but has a bit of a funny aftertaste, so at first seems very nice, but after you’ve had a few isn’t so nice. Ice didn’t help, if anything that exaggerated the aftertaste 😔

So another to add to the list of drinks I’d drink if offered at a friend’s, but wouldn’t buy by choice.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Wild Turkey

Well this is a pleasant surprise, again, special offer, and definitely one of the best value for money drinks I’ve had, down to £15 from £23. This is a good drink, would be happy with it at £23, so when it’s £15 it’s a real bargain, excellent value for money. Quite a smooth, sweet, vanilla bourbon. It often goes down to this price, so would be silly to pay more. It’s versatile as well, at this price, you can drink it with a mixer if you need a “long” drink, or you can down a shot of it, if in the mood, or if you’d prefer you can sip and enjoy it.

This is a prime example of why Scotch single malt whisky sales are falling. “Good” whisky sometimes gets reduced to £20-£25, which is more than the rrp of this bourbon  which the supermarkets like, as it’s more profitable, so it must be mass produced on a much larger scale for them to discount so frequently, and still make a profit.

But at the end of the day, with only limited funds available, you can buy a really nice drink for £15 a bottle. Is a single malt, costing nearly double the price, twice as nice? That’s personal opinion, but as I’m enjoying these bourbons, it seems that they’ll become my normal drink, and the single malts will only be bought with birthday and Christmas money 😦

Wild Turkey

Woodford Reserve

I bought this the same day as the Gentleman Jack, again large discount (£10) in the supermarket was all the incentive I needed to give it a go, it’s been on my wish list for a while 😃
It’s similar to Gentleman Jack, it’s a very sweet, smooth, mellow whiskey, vanilla, caramel, spice. Again, it’s a good whiskey to drink neat, one sip at a time to enjoy the flavour, don’t want to ruin it with coke or any other mixer.
But there’s the problem, it’s perhaps too mellow! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice drink, and you do feel the 43.2% kick rather than 40%, the taste lingers that little bit longer, but there’s not much real flavour to it, you have to concentrate on it while drinking it. It’s kind of forgettable. I prefer Gentleman Jack, that has a more lasting flavour to it.
I did try Woodford Reserve with Coke, and also with lemonade (both 1 part spirit, 2 parts mixer) and it was a waste, with it being so mellow, the flavour was lost.
It’s a nice drink, but in short I really don’t think it’s worth the extra money over Bulleit, although I think it’s nicer than Bulleit Rye.
So my “league table” so far of American Whiskey/bourbon:
1) Gentleman Jack
2) Bulleit
3) Woodford Reserve
4) Bulleit Rye
5) Jack Daniels
The first 3 I’ll buy again, as I enjoyed them neat, Bulleit is better value for money, but I’d buy Gentlemen Jack again when on special offer. The last two, I wouldn’t buy again, I’d drink either if out with Coke, but they wouldn’t be my first choice of drink.
Woodford Reserve

Gentleman Jack

Another case of a large price reduction (£10) in the supermarket twisting my arm to give Gentleman Jack a go, and I’m glad I did, I find Gentleman Jack to be much nicer than regular Jack Daniel’s old No. 7. This I can very happily drink neat, no need for coke. I did try it with coke (ratio 1 part Gentleman jack, 2 parts coke), and as expected it was nice, very smooth, and sweet, however it would be a shame to pollute such a good whiskey with coke!
It’s much smoother and sweeter than the traditional Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. The flavour is similar, vanilla, caramel, but where it has been charcoal filtered twice, rather than once, you can enjoy that flavour more as the harshness is gone, it’s cleaner, but still a welcome slight kick with the finish.
Gentleman Jack

Cardhu Gold Reserve

This is definitely one of the better NAS whiskies I’ve had, it’s very nice. Very sweet and smooth, honey-like, with pleasant burn and aftertaste as it goes down, just right for a sore throat 🙂
It’s very nice and drinkable, could quite happily sip it all evening, neat, or with a dash of water or an ice cube to make it last a little longer!
The honey may make it a bit too sweet and overpowering for some, but I would happily buy this again. However as often is the case with my whisky purchases, I paid £25 in the supermarket, not the £42 RRP, it’s the £25 I’d happily again, I don’t think I’d pay much more than that.
One day I’ll treat myself, probably in a pub, rather than to a whole bottle, just in case, to a more expensive whisky to see if I can taste the difference.
Cardhu Gold Reserve

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey Vs. Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

Different review to “normal” for me. JD and coke is a classic, it’s a nice drink, it’s never been my favourite but over Christmas bottles of JD were reduced in supermarkets so I bought a bottle.
Neat, it’s not great, it’s harsh, and no particularly distinct flavours, but with coke it’s good, the sweetness helps, I like a ratio of 1 part JD, 2 parts coke.
A while ago a friend said he moved off JD to other US Whiskies and bourbons, so when Bulleit was on offer in the supermarket, I thought I’d give it a go. Glad I did, it’s much better than JD. It can be drunk neat, it’s much smoother, and has a pleasant whiskey, spicy taste, hints of vanilla. Again, with coke the sweetness brings out the flavour even more.
I’ve got the rye whiskey to try next, as that’s been on offer again as well 🙂
Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey Vs. Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7