Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold – Room Temp Vs. From the Freezer

A while ago I decanted a small amount into a small glass bottle to keep in the freeze. This evening, I thought I’d try a bit of each to see which I prefer.
I started off with the from the freezer. It’s nice, drinkable, very smooth, no burn, as I said before, crisp, fruity, very pleasant, but nothing special.
Room temperature, I’m surprised I said it was my new favourite before, it’s OK, it’s nice enough, but nothing special. It’s smooth, slight burn, but can’t see myself buying it again.
Like many of these NAS whiskies, I think when they’re reduced, from the artificially inflated RRP, they offer a nice drink for the money, but saying that, this was £25, round this time of year (December 2016) there’s a lot of bargains in the supermarket, so you can get a good 10yo single malt for similar money, or less than that.
So in retrospect, if I had £40 to spend on whisky, I definitely wouldn’t buy this, if I had £25, I’d consider it, but for example Tesco, do a couple of “Tesco Finest” 12yo single malts, which could represent better value for money. If you don’t want to risk supermarket’s own, Jura Origin 10yo is very good value for money at £25 (RRP £30).
Interestingly, what I’ve learned more than anything else, is maybe I’ll try some other whiskies from the freezer to see what difference it makes, or maybe invest in some whisky stones.
Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold – Room Temp Vs. From the Freezer

Talisker Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Another of my purchases due to it having £10 off, so was £25 rather than £35. I was interested in this one, as so far I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t like peaty whiskies, and had read this was a good introduction to peaty whiskies. It kind of is, but isn’t. I can drink it, it tastes OK, but this is the problem with it, it’s slightly peaty to give that peaty taste, but it doesn’t have much more of anything else, so I can taste the peat enough to think, yes it’s peated, but I wouldn’t want it any more peaty, but for some-one who liked their whisky peated, then they would find it disappointing.
And there’s the problem, it tastes a bit of peat, but, I can’t taste any fruit, or any notes, or subtleties of anything else.
So I guess if you’ve never had peated whisky before it’s sort of a good introduction, but not worth buying a bottle for anyone who likes their peat, as they will be disappointed
I think this is another example of these NAS (no age statement) whiskies, where they lack body, so they often disappoint.
Talisker Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky