The Woodsman

The Woodsman

I decided to give another blend a go, this was a bit more expensive than Johnnie Walker Red, but was reduced in the supermarket from £28 to £18. It’s another case of a quite nice whisky, very drinkable but doesn’t do anything to set the world alight unfortunately. Worth trying at £18, not worth £28, I think it’s another of those whiskies that is often on special offer somewhere.

Not too much burn, very mellow, smooth, quite sweet, quite drinkable, hints of vanilla, pear, and well, not much else.

I tried it with a mixer, and there’s no distinguishable flavour to really come out, so just a bit of a waste, better off neat.

So, in short, another NAS (no age statement) run of the mill blended whisky.

The Woodsman

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