Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select


This is one of the more expensive Jack Daniels offering available in the supermarket, Old No7, Gentleman Jack, then this. It’s much better than normal JD (which I’m not a big fan of), you can drink this neat,  it works well with a mixer, but at this price that seems a waste. I actually preferred Gentleman Jack. Prices vary, this time of year, and around father’s day prices drop £5-£10 but

usual prices are about:

  • JD – £18
  • Gentleman Jack – £30
  • Silver Barrel Select – £40

It’s certainly not £10 better then Gentleman Jack, I wouldn’t be tempted to buy this again, even with £10 off. I prefer the Maker’s Mark which I also recently reviewed (I had both bottles open on the go at same time, usually I finish one before the next) and I never reached for this bottle first.

It’s ok, burn, toffee, pear, quite rich, sweet, spicy, nutty, it’s definitely a more complicated drink than normal JD, but it doesn’t grab me, I’m actually quite disappointed by it.

Back to whisky (without an E) for next few drinks I think.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select

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