Maker’s Mark


The distinctive bottle with the wax dripping from the top down the side caught my eye a while ago, a cunning plan of theirs to make it stand out 😉 As one of the more expensive bourbons in the supermarket (£30) this had been on my wish-list for a while, but as usual, when it had a hefty discount, I bit, so I guess I’m a sucker for a gimmick and a “bargain” 🙂

It’s got a slight burn, but is smooth, quite sweet, hints of vanilla and caramel, perhaps slightly more woody than the other bourbons I’ve tried, rich and full bodied, nice, but there’s unfortunately nothing special about it to make me want to buy it again, it’s quite safe. Even the special offer price doesn’t tempt me to buy it again, it’s doesn’t seem “better” to me than cheaper bourbons, and doesn’t offer anything different.

For me, this is another one that I wouldn’t turn down if offered a glass, and I may buy in a pub/bar if not tempted by anything else, but I can’t see me buying a bottle again.

Maker’s Mark

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