Wild Turkey 81 Vs. Wild Turkey 101


Every now and again, on https://www.hotukdeals.com people moan when the 81 comes up as being on special offer, but how the 101 isn’t, so when the 101 was available for £25 I thought I’d give it a go, as a lot of people say it’s better.

So, what’s the difference? Well the 81 is 81 proof, which is 40.5% alcohol, while the 101 is an eye watering 101 proof, 50.5%, and yes, you can tell the difference straight away, and feel the effects the following morning!

The extra alcohol hits you straight away, you can tell this is a stronger drink, this will put hairs on your chest 🙂

When drunk neat, it’s for sipping. With a mixer, it still tastes strong, it didn’t really work for me with coke, better with a large lump of ice to slowly melt and water it down!

The taste is similar, more treacle than the normal 81, less honey, same pear and spice, and much more of a kick, nowhere near as smooth. Woodford Reserve and Gentleman Jack retain some smoothness with a little extra alcohol content, but the extra alcohol here removes all the smoothness of the 81 entirely 😦


I won’t buy it again, sadly I didn’t enjoy it too much.

Wild Turkey 81 Vs. Wild Turkey 101

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