Buffalo Trace Vs. Wild Turkey

The Buffalo Trace was reduced this time round in the supermarket, again from £23 to £15, and gives an equal rival to Wild Turkey. It’s not the same, but is similar. Again it’s smooth, sweet, probably more pear to it with spice, but again no particularly overpowering taste, which is a good thing in my book. Buffalo Trace also a hint of honey, Wild Turkey more syrup perhaps? Neither are overly sweet, the spice gives the right balance.

Like Wild Turkey, it’s versatile, you can drink neat, on the rocks, do a shot, or with a mixer, it’s good however you take it 🙂

Also like Wild Turkey, I’d happily buy this again, or order in a bar, drink round a friend’s house etc.

I prefer Wild Turkey to Buffalo Trace. I’m not saying it’s better, just more to my liking, I certainly prefer both of these to Jack Daniel’s or Jim Beam. Gentleman Jack is a bit nicer in my opinion than either as it’s smoother, but not worth the extra cost.

Buffalo Trace Vs. Wild Turkey

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