Wild Turkey

Well this is a pleasant surprise, again, special offer, and definitely one of the best value for money drinks I’ve had, down to £15 from £23. This is a good drink, would be happy with it at £23, so when it’s £15 it’s a real bargain, excellent value for money. Quite a smooth, sweet, vanilla bourbon. It often goes down to this price, so would be silly to pay more. It’s versatile as well, at this price, you can drink it with a mixer if you need a “long” drink, or you can down a shot of it, if in the mood, or if you’d prefer you can sip and enjoy it.

This is a prime example of why Scotch single malt whisky sales are falling. “Good” whisky sometimes gets reduced to £20-£25, which is more than the rrp of this bourbon  which the supermarkets like, as it’s more profitable, so it must be mass produced on a much larger scale for them to discount so frequently, and still make a profit.

But at the end of the day, with only limited funds available, you can buy a really nice drink for £15 a bottle. Is a single malt, costing nearly double the price, twice as nice? That’s personal opinion, but as I’m enjoying these bourbons, it seems that they’ll become my normal drink, and the single malts will only be bought with birthday and Christmas money 😦

Wild Turkey

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