Woodford Reserve

I bought this the same day as the Gentleman Jack, again large discount (£10) in the supermarket was all the incentive I needed to give it a go, it’s been on my wish list for a while 😃
It’s similar to Gentleman Jack, it’s a very sweet, smooth, mellow whiskey, vanilla, caramel, spice. Again, it’s a good whiskey to drink neat, one sip at a time to enjoy the flavour, don’t want to ruin it with coke or any other mixer.
But there’s the problem, it’s perhaps too mellow! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice drink, and you do feel the 43.2% kick rather than 40%, the taste lingers that little bit longer, but there’s not much real flavour to it, you have to concentrate on it while drinking it. It’s kind of forgettable. I prefer Gentleman Jack, that has a more lasting flavour to it.
I did try Woodford Reserve with Coke, and also with lemonade (both 1 part spirit, 2 parts mixer) and it was a waste, with it being so mellow, the flavour was lost.
It’s a nice drink, but in short I really don’t think it’s worth the extra money over Bulleit, although I think it’s nicer than Bulleit Rye.
So my “league table” so far of American Whiskey/bourbon:
1) Gentleman Jack
2) Bulleit
3) Woodford Reserve
4) Bulleit Rye
5) Jack Daniels
The first 3 I’ll buy again, as I enjoyed them neat, Bulleit is better value for money, but I’d buy Gentlemen Jack again when on special offer. The last two, I wouldn’t buy again, I’d drink either if out with Coke, but they wouldn’t be my first choice of drink.
Woodford Reserve

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