Gentleman Jack

Another case of a large price reduction (£10) in the supermarket twisting my arm to give Gentleman Jack a go, and I’m glad I did, I find Gentleman Jack to be much nicer than regular Jack Daniel’s old No. 7. This I can very happily drink neat, no need for coke. I did try it with coke (ratio 1 part Gentleman jack, 2 parts coke), and as expected it was nice, very smooth, and sweet, however it would be a shame to pollute such a good whiskey with coke!
It’s much smoother and sweeter than the traditional Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. The flavour is similar, vanilla, caramel, but where it has been charcoal filtered twice, rather than once, you can enjoy that flavour more as the harshness is gone, it’s cleaner, but still a welcome slight kick with the finish.
Gentleman Jack

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