Whisky in the Freezer

Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold has the serving suggestion of from the freezer, so as an experimented I decanted some Jura Origin 10 year old, Glenfiddich 12 year old, and some Talisker Skye into small bottles and put them in the freezer for a week or so, I was curious to see if they would taste any different. In short, they lost most of their flavour. The Jura is relatively bland anyway, so this was a complete waste of time from the freezer, the Glenfiddich was ok, but a waste of a good whisky.

The Talisker Skye however I found more drinkable, but that’s because the peatiness was dumbed down, but no other flavours were exaggerated.

So, in short, if it says put it in the freezer, it’s not a bad idea, if it doesn’t, don’t, unless you’re not too keen on it 😉

Whisky in the Freezer

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