Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

I think this was the first single malt I ever bought a bottle of, I think it was to celebrate coming to the end my final year of my degree. I’ve not bought it since, not for an particular reason, however £10 off a bottle in the supermarket (down to £25 from £35) over Christmas tempted me to revisit.

It’s very nice, but another “cup of tea” whisky. I can see why it’s so popular and well known around the world, it’s smooth, but has that slight burn at the end. Hints of vanilla, fruit(pear), spice, but nothing too overpowering, no peat or smoke. It ticks all the right boxes, but is safe, nothing too special or outstanding about it, which I guess is why it’s a classic, there’s nothing wrong with it, I can see why it’s so popular, and has won awards, it’s a safe bet.

Better in my opinion than the Glenmorangie or the Jura, but I still prefer the Aberfeldy, or the Penderyn if I fancy something a bit more out there.

Another case of a whisky I’d be delighted to receive as a gift, but probably wouldn’t buy again for myself, but I’d be tempted to try the older ones if the price was right.

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

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