6 years ago or so, in the run up to Christmas I bought a bottle of whisky costing £25 or £35, £10 off it’s proper price. A single malt, 12 years old, sadly I forget what it was, may have been Glen Moray, or Glenmorangie. Anyway, I really liked it, I should have kept the bottle, or box so I could buy it again, or at least read the notes to see what it was about it I liked.

Coming back from the channel Island a few years ago, they had Jura Superstition in Duty Free on special offer, a friend had recommend regular Jura, so I bought the bottle of Superstition, I wasn’t too keen on it, maybe as it’s lightly peated? I like regular Jura.

I then thought I’d try Irish whisky, so got some Bushmills, again, not so keen 😦

About this time last year Glenlivet 12yr old was reduced by £10 in a supermarket, so I bought it, again, not too keen, a bit harsh, the mystery whisky from years ago was very smooth, but this was better than Superstition.

Aberlour 12 yr old was recently reduced by £10 to £25 in a supermarket recently, so I bought a bottle of that as a treat, not as nice as the mystery whisky, but I prefer it to the Superstition, and The Glenlivet.

So, my search continues, lets hope in the run up to Christmas the £10 off (at least 😉 )  expensive whiskies 12 years and older continues and I can find the one I liked before 🙂


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